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An exhibition in memory of Sergei Mikhailovich Pervukhin, Sakhalin local historian, public figure, candidate of geographical sciences.

Sergey Mikhajlovich Pervukhin was born on February 5, 1961 in the village Pervomajsky in Yemangelinsky district of Chelyabinsk region in a family of workers. I spent my childhood and youth years in the settlement of Nickel-Rudnik of the Kvarkensky District of the Orenburg Region.

In 1968-1978 years studied in Novo-Aydyrlinsk high school. In 1978 he entered the geography-biology faculty of Sverdlovsk State Pedagogical Institute as a geography and biology teacher (with the right to teach chemistry). He was an active member of the student group of explorers "Pilgrim". Graduated from the institute in 1986, and received a teacher's diploma.

Sergei came to Sakhalin in 1987. He worked as a geography teacher in a school in the village of Voskhod in the Tymovsky district, where he went hiking with "troubled teenagers" every year. So, his life was devoted to children's and youth tourism and science. In May 1991, he formed an initiative group TKC PILIGRIM under the Tymovsk Centre for Children and Youth, and in November 1999, reorganized the club into the Sakhalin Regional Public Organization "TKC PILIGRIM".

In 2007, he enrolled in graduate school, which he successfully completed, defending in 2012 a thesis on "Natural Resources of the Coastal Zone of Sakhalin Island" for the degree of candidate of geographical sciences. Since 2011, he has been an associate professor at the Department of Geology and Environmental Management of the Sakhalin State University Technical Oil and Gas Institute. His scientific and scientific-methodological activities resulted in collections of artifacts of historical and natural character, 59 works and publications on local history, nature management, geoecology, and natural resources written individually and in co-authorship, as well as 10 educational and training and methodological works.

For the last years of his life, he worked at the Sakhalin Regional Museum of Local Lore as Chief Researcher in the Department of Museum Projects, which he joined in October 2018. Under his leadership a number of museum and tourist routes were developed, he also conducted popular science lectures. 

S.M. Pervukhin combined his work at the museum with his work at the tourist firm "Sodruzhestvo". During tourist trips, Sergei Mikhailovich showed popular and unremarkable attractions of Sakhalin, accompanying excursions encyclopedic knowledge of the history and nature of the region.

The exhibition "My Sakhalin. Pilgrim" presents photographic works by S.M. Pervukhin, created during his numerous trips around the island. The exhibition was prepared jointly with LLC "Sodruzhestvo". In addition to pictures, guests can also see personal belongings of the traveler, provided by his family.

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